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Dental braces care tips

1. Oral Hygiene: You are advised to brush your teeth frequently while wearing braces as foods tend to get stuck between the braces and can cause fast decay. Besides, brushing frequently improves your oral hygiene as well.

Floss everyday. Use floss threaders in order to floss the underwires. Drink less soft drinks. Soft drinks contain carbon dioxide and is often very acidic which causes decalcification around your brackets.

2. Diet: As a general rule, avoid anything that is hard, sticky or chewy. Some foods to avoid include:

Gummy bears, Chewing on ice, Hard bread crust, Hard pretzels, Popcorn, Frozen candy bars, Nuts, Hard candies, Sticky candies, Meat on the bone, Celery, Granola bars,
Corn on the cob, Hard pizza crust, Crunchy chips,
Carrots (unless in strips), Bubble gum/chewing gum, Apples (unless peeled & in bite-sized pieces).

Retainer care tips
Now your braces are off and you're enjoying your new smile, here are some tips to keep your retainers in tip-top condition.

Wear your retainers at all night when you sleep, for 3 years, unless advised otherwise. For the first 3 months after your braces are off, wear your retainers at all times, except when playing sports or eating.

If you have to take them out, put them back into the case and not on a napkin - you don't want them accidentally thrown away! Retainers can get dirty very quickly without regular cleaning. Brush them with cold water each time you brush your teeth.

Soak them with a denture cleansing tablet in a cup of water once a month. You can buy denture cleansing tablets from any supermarket or pharmacy. Common brands are Polydent, Sterident, Pearlie W, etc. Retainers are fragile and can easily get broken if not in your mouth. Avoid putting them in bags, back pockets, table tops etc.

If you do break your retainers, don't try to fix them yourself. Give us a call immediately so we may make a new pair for you before your teeth begins moving. Do not put retainers in direct strong sunlight or in hot water.

Remember: Retainers are difficult to make and are expensive to replace. Take care of them and keep your recall appointments with us! With proper care, your retainers will serve you well for a very long time.

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