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Attention to the unique orthodontic needs of children and young adults is very special, very important, and very demanding. What makes orthodontic care for young people different from dental care for adults is the simple fact that children are growing. Their mouths are growing and developing, along with their bodies and minds.

It is our intent to grow healthy teeth and mouths. In addition to that, we help develop healthy attitudes about responsible oral hygiene and care at home. While most dentists are trained to look after the inevitable breakdown that occurs with the aging adult mouth, the orthodontic specialties assist in building strong mouths, strong teeth, and a strong sense of patient confidence and self-esteem.

In providing orthodontic care for the child and young adult patients, we place strong emphasis on prevention. Through early education, motivation, and intervention of developing problems, the experience of orthodontics can be pleasant and rewarding.

We take the same special care with our adult patients as well. Today, more than 30% of orthodontic patients are over the age of 18. Crooked teeth, improper bite, overcrowding and spacing are now being corrected in many people regardless of their age. The major difference between adolescent and adult orthodontic treatment is that the adult’s teeth may take a little longer to move into an ideal position because there is not growth occurring.

Adults now have more choices than ever in creating a beautiful smile. From traditional braces to “invisible” braces, the number of effective and cosmetically pleasing treatment options continues to increase. Adults have their own special needs to be attended to, and our friendly staff works hard to make sure their needs are met and their experience with braces in a good one.

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